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Changing bathroom lighting - does my bathroom lighting circuit need an rcd??

I am replacing the plasterboard ceiling in my bathroom and want to change the lighting to about 4 daisy-chained IP65 rated LED downlights. The lighting instructions state that the bathroom circuit must be protected by an RCD as per BS7671. The problem is that I have an old style replaceable wire fusebox so there is no RCD protection on ANY of the circuits. furthermore the bathroom lighting does not have its own circuit but is instead on the same circuit as the upstairs lights.
The wiring in the house is NOT old and the last inspection by the previous owners states that there are no issues with it and it is in good condition and so the house seems have been rewired in the past (though I don't know why they wouldn't have fitted a new CU at the time).
So I have a legacy issue here in that i don't have an independent bathroom lighting circuit and i don't have an RCD. My question here is does the requirement for an RCD still apply in this situation or is it exempt?

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Hello mate,

All circuits within a bathroom must be RCD protected you should look into getting a fuseboard upgrade that way everything that should be RCD protected will be.




Answered 22nd Oct 2019

Yes you do need an RCD. BS 7671 requires it. Unfortunately the regs won’t descriminate. Also this work as it’s in a special location will require Building Control Notification. Best get a consumer unit upgrade by a registered electrician who can self verify & Notify Building Control then, as the previous answer highlighted ALL circuits will be RCD protected.


Answered 22nd Oct 2019

Yes RCD protection will definitely be needed. As previous answers, a fuse board will solve the issue. The 18th edition states that RCD protection is required for any circuits passing through any zone in a bathroom. If you can be sure no other circuits are passing through (quite difficult) the zones then maybe a cheaper option would be to put a localised RCD on the lighting circuit as it enters the bathroom.


Answered 22nd Oct 2019

You could get an electrician to find power loop to bathroom and fit an rcd fused connection unit, if having consumer unit changed is out of budget, this then Covers the alteration as rcd protected in that area
I would suggest having consumer unit upgraded to current regulation standards, this would then cover all circuits for further alterations


Answered 24th Oct 2019

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