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Painting a staircase - what type of paint?

Hello, I removed the carpet, nails, staples , old paint etc from my staircase. filled holes and sanded. I then applied a white primer to it. Thinking I would then paint it a dark grey and other colours. In retrospect the white primer ruined all my hard work as I cannot stain it now and it would have looked much nicer. Unless i remove all the paint (question and statement!). Also, what is the best type of paint to use on the stairs if I go ahead with the grey/multi idea? Thanks

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If you want to paint it use water based primer and a satin top coat which can be easily removed or over painted


Answered 19th Oct 2019



Answered 19th Oct 2019

Hi the best type of paint would be a wood and metal paint eggshell finish.


Answered 20th Oct 2019

Satinwood finish 100%


Answered 20th Oct 2019

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