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How to align a composite door

Hi, I need to adjust the hinges on my composite door as the alignment is out. The lock is working fine but won’t engage when the door is in the frame. There’s also a small gap at the bottom of the door where draughts are coming in. It opens outwards and has but hinges installed. I believe all the hardware used was by Avocet. Thank you for any advice you can offer.

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Unfortunately butt hinges have no adjustment and the door should of been put in level.
Saying that new doors do sometimes settle/drop within the first year from use.
I would never install/supply a composite door without any adjustable hinges because of this.


Answered 13th Oct 2019

When butt hinges are on a composite door, the best way to fit them is by fixing off hinge side first, then fix rest of door accordingly to how the sash hangs. As all suppliers have manufacturing tollerences, so sometimes they can't be fitted "plumb".


Answered 18th Oct 2019

Composite doors do have an adjustment the alan key hole in the middle of the hinge atached to the door if you turn it clockwise the door drops if you turn it anti clockwise it goes up hope this helps


Answered 25th Oct 2019

There is usually adjustment on most new composite door hinges.
With some tweaking, you should be able to realign the door.


Answered 25th Oct 2019

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