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Pcb broken electrics tripping when boiler turned on. told need new boiler true?

Plumber said my pcb has gone and it is not repairable, says i need new boiler. Can you please advise me, cannot afford new boiler at present and have had no heating or water for last 7 days.

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without knowing a bit more its hard to say but you should be able to get a new board no problem.It could be your boiler is old and has become uneconomical to fix but thats up to you as the customer to decide the engineer can only advise you.


Answered 16th Mar 2012

have you tried pluging your boiler in to another socket it may just be there is a falt on the socket it is wired too


Answered 15th Mar 2012

yes, ian price is right, it may be the pcb replacement and electrical sections to replace are so expensive, and they are! £130-190 min.. so its up to you as the customer,and of course these bits may not be available. it could just be a loose connection but all connections need checkin,not worth it poss..


Answered 20th Mar 2012

What make of boiler is it , you'd be better of having boiler wired to fuse spur , BEST Practice /



Answered 9th Apr 2012

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