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Moving the stairs going to my loft conversion


I was wondering where to start in terms of who to contact (tradesman) regarding moving the stairs from my first floor to my existing loft conversion. It only needs to be move my max 1 meter on one side to give the main bedroom on the first floor more space (reducing the space in a second bedroom) and this will give a better space in the loft bedroom.

Thank you

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Hi, I'm assuming you have planning permission and build drawings for the stair move as well as the loft conversion? If so then a carpenter is usually the tradesman to do this task. To move the stairs if they are reusable is fairly simple and there will need to be some joist work to allow them to move and to give back the floor space from where they were initially positioned.
Regards Darren


Answered 4th Oct 2019

I would suggest you start by looking for a local joiner, someone who is qualified and prepared to come and take a look and offer his/her advice.


Answered 4th Oct 2019

Hi..Moving the staircase is a simple task for a joiner. There may be some re-plastering work however required for the ceiling where the stairs are being moved from.
You wont need planning permission or drawings for this job.


Answered 5th Oct 2019

You won’t need any sort of planning to move the stairs but May need building control to sign it off. Any decent loft converter can move them for you including a new flight if needed. Some new hoist work may be needed.


Answered 6th Oct 2019

Consulting Staircase manufacturer is best option.


Answered 7th Oct 2019

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