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How to calculate how many bricks i will need for extension

im looking to buy most materials myself to keep costs down. how to i calculate how many bricks ill need?

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10 blocks to metre is correct but i think you will find there is 60 bricks to metre i always price for 70 ,this allows for cuts ,batts and closures ect,also dont see how you supplying materials will keep costs down as we get far better discounts from our suppliers than you will ever get ,also if the materials are not there when needed the builder will charge you day rates for non production due to lack of materials ect,so all in all best leave the whole project to your chosen builder ,especially if you have to ask questions like this.You will also find people who try hard to keep the costs down ang go for the cheapest quotes all end up on cowboys from hell and the cowboy trap ,these programmes should tell the public this ,most of them are not bad workmanship but the public trying to squeeze blood out of a stone ,pay cheap pay twice ,there are no bargains in building just heartache and stress if you go for the cheap option ,you will be on ere next year asking for help to finish this job


Answered 15th Mar 2012

60 bricks per sq etre per skin of brickwork ie 4.5 inch 60 brick 9 inch 120 brick and so on ,


Answered 12th Apr 2012

Normally 60 bricks/ m sq and 10 blocks.............but pop onto Jewsons (and others) website and you'll find materials calculators that may help


Answered 14th Mar 2012

Hi, if you say there is 40 bricks to a metre and 10 blocks to a metre then just work out how many metres you need , also something like 350 bricks to a bundle you wont be far out best wishes col.


Answered 15th Mar 2012

Sub and urban are correct.40 is wrong lol.Sub also has a very valid point in we get a much better deal on materials than non account holders at builders merchants.


Answered 14th Mar 2012

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