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Section of floorboard cut between joists and blocks screwed into the joists for it to sit on.

A section of the floor board on the landing at the top of our stairs had been cut out between the joists. To put the section of floorboard back, 2 blocks of wood were screwed into the joists for the cut out section to sit on. The screws that had been used have snapped leaving this section of floorboard sitting on a pipe underneath.

What need to be done to fix this correctly (I assume screwing block into the joists was the cowboy method)?

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You could replace the blocks of wood with good angle brackets, but better still would be to cut back the other floorboard till they're central over the joists and get some C16 timber the same size as your floor boards and replace the cut out section by nailing it back down to the joist.




Answered 26th Sep 2019

Screw and glue a piece to the side of the existing joist


Answered 26th Sep 2019

The flooring need cut back to half on the Joist on both sides to give a secure fixing for floor


Answered 26th Sep 2019

if your scews have snapped they are poor quality ,good quality screws will never snap ,use 3"x2" timber and 3 1/2" x12 reissler tropicalised screws countersunk in timber,if you have pipes cut into joist you have not room to cut on joist ,


Answered 27th Sep 2019

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