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Dripping in cellar when run kitchen taps

Only today has it started. The kitchen is above the cellar.

When I run the kitchen tap, water starts dripping in the cellar. It appears to be coming from the crack in the wall and trickling down on to the cellar floor.

Help and thoughts appreciated.

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This sounds like the waste pipe taking your kitchen sink is leaking because you only notice water in the cellar when the tap is run. If you cannot see any dampness or dripping in the kitchen area around the waste pipe then it will be concealed and will need to have some intrusive work done to find where the leak is coming from.
It could be anything from a weeping joint on a plastic pipe to a cracked or corroded cast iron pipe and will have to be replaced/renewed.


Answered 26th Sep 2019

I would say that if it only leaks when you use the tap then there is a problem with the waste pipe. This will be directly connected to the bottom of your plug attachment via a P shaped plastic trap. Find the waste pipe and see if you can see any water on the surface of the pipe which may bring you to the source of the leak.


Answered 26th Sep 2019

Waste pipe leak.


Answered 26th Sep 2019

Hi if it only happens when the taps are turned on then it must be a leak in the waste pipes or trap, check all fittings are tight if not tighten or replace fittings .


Answered 26th Sep 2019

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