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QuestionHow to repair plasterboard ceiling.

Is it possible to repair part of a plasterboard ceiling (1.5 square metres damaged in corner)?

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Yes you can repair your ceiling, cut out back to nearest ceiling joists, if you cant get half way on joist, screw a length of timber to side of existing to pick up board edge.
Make sure you get right thickness board,use plaster board scews, tape all joints, pva edges of existing board and a two coat plaster finish, good spread should be able to feather in to existing.


yes it is possible, just cut back the damaged section of plasterboard back to the ceiling joist. if you cant find joist use a screwdriver and push right through as tester's to find which way they run.(usually at 400mm centers) once youve found the joist cut old board back halfway onto joist,(So you can fix new board onto joist) using a straight edge and stanley knife. then simply cut new board to fit. if old board in one piece you could even use it as a template.

Good luck..... if you cant do it, be sure to hire a tradesmanfrom my builder who can.

K.Davis Plastering & General Building 31st Mar, 2011

Yes it is, cut out the damaged part to the nearest floor/ceiling joist but only cut it halfway on the joist so to leave enough to refix the new piece,replace with the correct thickness plasterboard and make good the plasterwork, if its artexed the same can be done although making good artex patterns isnt so easy and will always be noticeable.

ABM plastering 1st Apr, 2011

Yes it is. Plasterboard gets screwed into the wooden joists of the floor above. These are set at anything between 400-600mm centres. You would need to cut out the damaged section, then a bit more to find the nearest joists. (You should be able to put your head up into the initial cut out section see the joists - you might need to remove any insulation to see them).
After removing any nails/screws from the joists, and making sure you have a neat hole, you then cut a new piece of plasterboard to size and screw into the joists.
Ideally you will then get this section plaster skimmed and feathered into the existing ceiling. Alternatively you could try using Gryroc Easifill (the stuff they use in dry-lining) and skim this on yourself, then sand it. Fine fill it and sand again. Lots of white powdery dust but quite easy to sand.
Hope that helps.
EGD Renovations
PS If in the corner and there is cornice/moulding between the wall & the ceiling, you would also have to remove and replace this, as it sits on the plasterboard & its unlikely to stay in place when you remove the plasterboard

EGD Renovations 31st Mar, 2011

Hi there

This would be no problem at all
1.Strip back the damaged plasterboard to expose the timbers then de nail or screws.Make sure when you strip back, to only strip to the nearest timber so that the plasterboard thats remaining is still secured to the timbers but make sure you leave enough of the timber exposed to fix your new plasterboard.
2.Cut your plasterboard to fit.
3.Re fit new plasterboard preferably with screws and not nails as the nails will pop.
4.scrim up the joints.
5.Re skim.
6.Job done

Hope this helps

D Green Property Services 31st Mar, 2011

For best results I would cut the plasterboard back to the nearest joist and if needed some extra bracers at the point were you cut the ceiling to give extra support to the new plaster board. Replace plasterboard, tape the edges and re-skim the ceiling.

Kind Regards

smooth finish glasgow 31st Mar, 2011

yes, and it is very easy. cut out board to the nearest joists, then fit a new plasterboard in void then nail or screw in place. and get some multi finish and skim with plaster.

mcmahon 31st Mar, 2011

If you can try and find you joists/nogins and it's quite easy from there.
they are going to be either 400mm or 600mm apart.

jsb builders 31st Mar, 2011

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