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Can custom-size fence panels be made (at a low cost)?

I am looking for a quote for new fencing in the back garden, but the current fence has a couple of unusual sized panels (, so I was wondering if the cost of the job would increase a lot due to the unusual size of a couple of fence panels?

I hope this makes sense!

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substructure , the reason people are asking for things to be done cheap is because there is a bloody recession on and people dont have lots of spare cash to throw around unlike you obviously .


Answered 19th Jul 2012

If you get an experienced fence contractor they will be able to cut down panels and make them look like they came that way, other options like arris and featheredge may also be a nicer option.


Answered 12th Mar 2012

why does everyone want things done at low cost,you get what you pay for ,pay cheap pat twice,depends on style of fencing ,most fence panels come off the shelf starting from 12 pounds each ,if they have to be made by hand ie arris fencing this costs more in materials and time ,like i said you get what you pay for cheap tat '12 POUNDS THAT MIGHT LAST A COUPLE OF SUMMERS B4 WARPING ,OR BESPOKE ARRIS FENCING THAT WILL LAST MANY SUMMERS AND WINTERS


Answered 13th Mar 2012

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