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water slowly seeping round base of toilet seat on to bathroom floor

source of problem could be inside cistern

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There is a rubber or foam seal between the toilet and a cistern if it is a closed coupled toilet, it does perish and is fairly easy to replace.
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Answered 31st Mar 2011

Gavin Clarke Contracting Services Ltd.

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You can purchase a close couple set from a plumb centre or screw fit

Answered 31st Mar 2011

Smt Plumbing & Heating

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4 possible sources depending on type of toilet, I guess it's a close coupled, ie the cistern sits on the pan. Easiest to inspect is the cold water inlet, often a washer leaks in the fitting, check the pipe supplying the water inlet. The main flush downpipe, this sits on a rubber doughnut and can leak here if not fitted correctly or has perished (older foam ones go rock hard and brittle). Then check left and right bolt fixings from cistern to pan. Try a flat blade screwdriver, holding the butterfly not underneath you may get a turn on it but there is another nut normally which you can't see, so you may have to turn the water off and inspect. Better yet, post it as a job and have someone come around and repair it for you.
regards Mark

Answered 31st Mar 2011

Pro Finishing Services

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check that wingnuts are not loose first, if not, then its likey seal gone or a hairline crack in the unit somewhere.the seal is callled a donut. about 2 pounds for a replacement. best way is to isolate water going in cistern, then flush as much out odf it as you can; then soak up residual water in cistern with a sponge and squeeze in toilet, then remove cistern by releasing wing nuts underneath.

Answered 31st Mar 2011


Member since 25 Nov 2010

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From your description I am guessing it is a close coupled unit(cistern mounted directly on top of toilet) ,sounds like the seal is leaking/or nut loose, the cistern will have to be removed for further inspection, regards Terry.

Answered 31st Mar 2011

tm property services

Member since 9 Mar 2011

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