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Concrete spurs any good?

HI .I have a fence with 3 loose posts and they appear to have snapped at the bottom as i can see a crack on one of them. I would like to fix the fence fully eventually but cant affford it at the moment. How good are the concrete spurs? would they support my fence for at least 9 months? It started with one panel and post leaning and now its 3 loose posts and 2 panels. The first one seemed to have been caused by the roots of our tree. I guess that needs to go too.

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Concrete spurs are not for cowboys . In some situations they are the best answer if you have a run of feather edge fencing with post that are rotten it is the cheapest option, rather than replacing the fence and if done properly the fence should last a lifetime.The only reason people do not use them is the look and they take up some room.I tend to put bolts right the way through the wooden post but this is a bit OTT coach bolts are fine Pete.


Answered 19th Aug 2012

the spurs are very good only if you 6" coach bolts with them as for them being no good thats total rubbish its the reason they make spurs and if you were ment to put them on from new every fence in the world would have them im a proffesional fencer and have14 yrs under my belt and have connected many spurs and not 1 has broke or colapsed you can also get them ian 4ft or 4ft 6"

thanks dan


Answered 12th Mar 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,
Concrete spurs are very good when it comes to saving time and money,but it depends on who installs the spur posts and where they come from as to how good they are or how efective they might be,Using the proper tools for the job and the good experiance will ensure an effective outcome however the fence itself will only be as good as its age as its made from wood,
Ryan Fencing Co.


Answered 21st Mar 2012

they are on a cowboy lol ,they are used to strengthen the fence from new ,not for repair ,by the time you dig the holes for the spur the fence will probably collapse on you anyway ,new posts are only 10-15 quid each ,best replace them mate


Answered 9th Mar 2012

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