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Can my neighbour cut into my downpipe for his roof gutter?

My neighbour has done a loft extension and I've noticed that the builders have cut into my downpipe for their roof gutter to flow into. It wouldn't be an issue but the downpipe goes over my front door roof, it is cut off as the roof is sloping and so now the water is a heavier flow and overspills onto my front door in heavier rain.
Are they allowed to do this?

thanks for the responses. The original went along the roof and one downpipe accommodated 4 houses. Our roof gutter goes into the shared one but also installed another one which took the brunt of the water. The roof ones are very narrow and they have installed a larger gutter which is why they have fed into our additional one. The builder's reckoned there was a blockage at the top, it hasn't overflowed since but then again there hasn't been a heavy rainfall either. The neighbour rents the property out so is not in situ so is it best just to bring it to his attention in case of any future issues??

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In short no


Answered 4th Sep 2019

It depends on the length of gutter how long is this run of guttering & will it be a permanent issue but if the water is causing this person a problem then no & thay will have to fit second down pipe elsewhere


Answered 4th Sep 2019

No they need yout permission your in your rights to ask them to move it


Answered 4th Sep 2019

No thay should make a new soak way and keep the down pip on his side of the house.hope this helpful.


Answered 5th Sep 2019

No they should not be allowed to do that as it causes You lots of problems


Answered 9th Sep 2019

They should ask for permission and I don’t think they should be allowed to do that


Answered 9th Sep 2019

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