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Lino onto garage concrete floor for utility room area

I will be changing part or a garage into a utility room that currently has a concrete floor in good condition. The garage is built into the house so has the same walls and slab that the house is built on. I want to lay lino and was wondering do I need underlay/insulation/vapor barrier/plywood base? The room will have heating and I don't want to floor to be cold.


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You will need to latex the floor to get it smooth enough for the flooring to go down


Answered 18th Sep 2019

It will be cold when the heating not on as would a tiled floor


Answered 18th Sep 2019

You will need to latex the floor. As it’s a utility room. It will be hot and cold all the time due to the machines being used. I would personally lay lvt as vinyl will sweat and probably bubble. Lvt is stuck down to the latex floor and is solid.


Answered 18th Sep 2019

Depending on the subfloor i would recomend putting a chipboard fause floor down with built in insulation, When properties are built even with the garage the builders do not provide the same insulation as in the main house. If you want to keep heat in the area i would recomend this.

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Answered 18th Sep 2019

Bit difficult this one, as really does depend on what floor condition is like.
If floor is very level and clear of lumps bumps etc.
I would suggest 2 options. 1st would be screed floor with latex. Then scrape before fitting vinyl.
Or option 2 . Scrap floor aĺ over , then spray edges to remove any dust. Then put anti plastic tape down.
Or depending on customers budget. Stick vinyl down alĺ over.


Answered 20th Sep 2019

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