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Build a new doorway from hallway to reception room

Hello everyone,

I am looking for someone to build a new doorway from hallway to reception room by cutting through a brick wall. I am not sure this job should be posted into which category in mybuilder. Could you please advise me regarding this matter so that I can post the job into the most appropriate category.

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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Hi Tuan,
Id suggest you use conversions and general building to describe the work you want to have done.
Regards ATB Building.


Answered 2nd Sep 2019

Hi I would put it under general conversion
You will require a builder /bricklayer to cut the opening and install a Lintel
Then a carpenter to install a door lining and hang the door if you are putting a door in
Hope this helps


Answered 2nd Sep 2019

The two answers above are correct but before Any part of a wall can be removed or cut open especially a brick wall it should be looked at by the proper competent person to make sure that before a brick is removed that it is or isn't load bearing. This will allow you to have the proper sized concrete lintel or rsj steel beam correctly fitted. If it is load bearing or not you will need professional advice. SER(Structural Engineers Registration) engineers are the best and will issue a Certification of Design. If it is not load bearing they will issue a letter stating this as the local authorities will ask for one of these. Keep yourself right and keep everyone safe.


Answered 3rd Sep 2019

I would definitely put it under "general building". It requires a builder with knowledge of building principles, loadings above, structure integrity and what materials to use. A standard tradesman may have an understanding of the method, but may not necessarily know whats required to carry out the job.

Need anything else let me know!


Answered 8th Sep 2019

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