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New pvc windows how can i hang my blinds

Hello i have had new UPvc windows installed and i would like to hang some blinds. There is alot of plastic trim around the window no wood. Any advice on how i can achieve a good job installing my blinds? Im going for roller or Venetian blinds.

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Hi, it is possible to fit the blinds directly to the plastic but is not advised as a, it will probably invalidate any warranty on the windows (I would get written acknowledgement that the company are OK with holes being drilled into the frame and will honour the warranty) and b, the blind will drop too close to the frame and foul the handle. Ideally the fixings should be into the reveal sides (if deep enough) rather then the top as a better fixing is available and any force is working perpendicular to the fixing. Both Venetian and roller blinds usually have brackets at each end. Fixing into the top is tricky due to the lintel (metal or concrete) and because any force is pulling the fixing out. I would add that there are many variables and each type of window/reveal throws up issues.


Answered 28th Aug 2019

There are blinds that fit into their own frames that fit directly to the upvc windows and doors, they have a fitting that pushes between the glass and upvc, this means no drilling to the frames also means when you open the windows or doors the blinds don’t flap around.


Answered 25th Sep 2019

If you haven't already installed your blinds you may want to consider if they can be installed outside the recess. It's far easier and as long as you use the correct wall plugs for the wall type you should be ok. If internal recess fitting avoid drilling in to the PVC. You might want to consider fitting a batten to the upper side and fix your roller to this. Best regards


Answered 7th Nov 2019

Hi, There is excellent solution to get a lovely fit onto UPVC windows.The blind calls "Perfect Fit blind". There is view kind of them. They are fitted directly to the window frame without any damage and no need to drill even one hole in the window frame. You can get them as a Venetian blind, Pleated blind, Roller in choice of 100s of fabric .If you go for standard Venetian than you should go for side fix. If you go for standard roller than rather top fix because the bracket for rollers are bend to 90 degrees. There is no wall with have exactly 90 degrees in top corner window recess so if you go for side fix than most brackets come of a bit from the top and it will effect the cosmetic look.If you find out that there is a metal on the top of window recess pre-drill using masonry drill when you rich the metal use self-drive screws or use drill for metal approx 3mm and go trough metal, it is usually only 2mm thick than use 4mm screws.Strong fitting when you fix into metal, great when your window is really wide. I hope I was a bit helpful :).
All the best


Answered 21st Nov 2019

Hi is it not possible to fix them into the wall using rawplugs and screws?


Answered 31st Aug 2019

if there is no other way then as last resort you can do but not adviseable. try to buy fix pole or blinds on ceinling if you do not have wall space.


Answered 15th Sep 2019

It's never advisable to go through the upvc for many reasons, warranty, to close to vents etc. However if needs must then you could do it.
The best option is to go from above and into the wall using correct plugs to secure it.


Answered 29th Sep 2019

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