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How to repair sereve cracks on the first floor between celing and walls so that no cracks will apprea again in future?

Our house is around 26 years old. We have our 4 bedrooms decorated last September. There are severe cracks all along the ceilings and (concrete)walls in the corners in all 4 bedrooms after loft floor boarding works are done in Feburay this year. It seems to me that the cracks (around 3/4mm)are too big to be filled by any quick dry fillers. Everyday there is small amount of dusts and small pieces of plaster falling from the cracks onto window ledge. The cellings looks like artes so they are not even, except about 2cm around the edge near walls. Will be grateful to receive details advice on how to resolve the problem. Many thanks in advance.


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Hi, I'm assuming the crack's have appeared after work's in loft have been carried out, if so then these crack's will be due to movement in the ceiling
joist's, this maybe because the tadesmen were heavy handed, or maybe the
joist's are not big enough for the new loading in the attic, maybe the ceiling
joist's needed to be upgraded.
If your home was built in the 1980's then I would have thought you would
have a trussed roof, if so then the trusses would not have been calculated to
take and further weight, this is a common problem with trussed roof's when
overloaded. The crack's will probably keep coming if you use filler, coving
maybe a better option.
But at the end of the day, if your attic is overloaded, I should think about
reducing the loading up there, before you have a bigger problem.
Hope this help's.




Answered 8th Mar 2012

I would have coving put up, the cracks will always come back due to expansion and contraction during winter and summer.


Answered 11th Mar 2012

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