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Occasional earthy smell in 2 bathrooms

Family bathroom and downstairs WC occasionally get an earthy type smell. Any ideas what may be causing?
It looks like they both feed into same drain outside, and the grass/earth around the drain cover has receded I guess as a result of last year’s dry summer.
Seems to be no pattern to smell appearing , totally random

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It’s best to do a drain test to see if any leaks. Failing that look at the pan connector rear of pan


Answered 28th Aug 2019

Could be toilet pan Connection not correct, seal gone or a lost trap seal..
Hope this helps


Answered 3rd Sep 2019

I would advice you get a drainage specialist to do a cctv drainage survey as you may have a collapsed drain or pipe.


Answered 28th Aug 2019

One of the traps has lost its seal .Foul smell is from the drainage below ground ,There are few reason why a trap can lose it seal for instance hair stuck in trap siphoning the water out through capillary action


Answered 2nd Sep 2019

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