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Laying ply on old timber floor to make it more even

In terms of laying plywood to even out an old timber floor :

1. Does the plywood need an expansion gap with the wall?
2. Does the plywood need expansion gaps between sheets?

Thank you

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I fit mine with the boards tight together and tight to the floor, unless the floor is particularly uneven. In which case I leave a small 5mm gap around the perimeter.


Answered 26th Aug 2019

Always allow expansion gap at perimeters and around doorways.


Answered 28th Aug 2019

Unlike laminate floors which float over an existing floor and have expansion gaps, plywood is usually screwed or nailed into position and expansion gaps are not necessary.


Answered 30th Aug 2019

You should fit the plywood sheets tight together , but always leave a 10mm expansion gap at the perimeter.


Answered 31st Aug 2019

Ply being an engineered material, does not expand too much under normal conditions so if it is not being place where moisture is high there is no need to leave gaps between sheets, however the perimeter will definitely need room for expansion. 10mm should be enough


Answered 3rd Sep 2019

Hi there
Personally I would always place the ply tight together but leave a 10mm expansion gap around the perimeter of the room. Hope this helps.


Answered 15th Sep 2019

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