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Is it possible to reduce the length of the chrome post on a floor mounted tap?

Hello, I would like to upgrade my small bathroom with a free standing bath and floor mounted taps but the bathroom is above my lounge and my builder has said he can't fit the taps because he can't get under the floor to hide the pipes.He can add a false ledge to hide the pipes etc which would be about 1 ft in height and install the taps ontop of that ledge but obviously they would then be 1ft higher than needed.Is it possible to buy shorter chrome poles or simply cut the standard pole hat comes with the tap? In my head it sounds simple but just not sure how the shortened pole would fasten to either the floor or tap fixings at the other end?
Any advice is gladly received.

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Hi, i think the same as you, cut pipe and fit it cant see problem, with out seeing it but if it was mine i would find away, as i think you must have what you plan try another plumber kind regards col basic plumbing.


Answered 8th Mar 2012

Some upstands can be cut down because they have the copper pipe running inside the chrome upright other cannot. I would suggest contacting the maunfacturer of the tap first.


Answered 9th May 2012

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