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How to handle poor quality exterior paint work

I have had the exterior wood work of my house painted by a painter however the final finish in my opinion is very poor, the paint has rippled in many areas, is full of cracks (from the previous paint), there are areas that have been missed. I first asked verbally for these the be fixed which resulted in no improvement and in some areas filler applied directly on top of the gloss paint (but not painted over). I have now politely advised in writing of these issues and that I expect them to be fixed. I would like advice firstly as to if my expectations are fair (ie the paint surface should be reasonably smooth and defect free) and secondly what is the correct way to proceed to resolve, should I with hold payment until resolved or pay now and then continue to pursue a resolution? Thank you.

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In my opinion the paintwork should have been burnt off iin the bad areas and primed undercoat then top coat has for the filler issues sand back prime and undercoat. Does not sound like a time served painter. I wouldn't consider paying them at all


Answered 23rd Aug 2019

Looks like poor preparation.
Without physical seeing the job
Its difficult to say.
Should old paint been removed
Back to original surface ?
Or existing paintwork prepped
Correctly ie sanded down till tight
Primed, filled 2× undercoat 1x gloss.


Answered 23rd Aug 2019

The first thing to remember is that interior and exterior painting are two different things. Wood will expand in the winter and shrink in the summer.
so you must use exterior paint, for e.g Dulux Weathershield. The reason for this is in laymans terms is that the paint is flexible and will move with the wood.
The second thing to remember is never use a filler that is mixed with water because its fine when covered in paint, however when the wood moves the filler will crack thus cracking the paint allowing rain to seep in and rot the wood. The way to stop this is to use a two pack filler which is much stronger and waterproof. For this I recommend Ronseal. Make sure you do the basics,
apply primer on bare wood, this should be done after filling, then (1) to (2) undercoats and a gloss coat. Gloss should always be used on exterior woodwork because of its resistance to water.

In your position I would take pictures as evidence of there incompetence and
not pay. Ask what paint and fillers they have used and if possible talk pictures.
If there using the correct materials give the a chance to put it right. If there using inadequate materials then send them on there way,
Hope ive been of some help.
Kind regards,


Answered 23rd Aug 2019

I'm sorry to say it sounds like you will have to start again.
Glossing over gloss sounds like .
Dont pay.


Answered 23rd Aug 2019

How many quotes did you get for the work, and did you opt for the cheapest?
Sounds like you have had a bargain basement job done by a jobber.
Morally you should give them 1 oportunity to do it again properly and if they do then pay them.
In reality that wont happen


Answered 23rd Aug 2019

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