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We currently have 4 halogen spot lamps in our kitchen. The bulbs themselves regularly blow and often the lights don't work after replacing them. Some time ago we had an electrician look at it and some of the transformers had to be replaced. He said that the lack of space in the ceiling was probably causing them to overheat. Anyway, the transformers have gone again and replacing them once every few months is not a viable long-term solution for lighting our kitchen.
I am wondering what options we have. Thanks in advance.

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If your system has an rcd fitted you can fit mains voltage downlighters,they tend to last a lot longer. if your system only has breakers the braker for the lighting circuit can be changed for an rcbo(breaker+rcd in1)if it is a fuse box fit a seperate rcd+breaker and wire the circuit to that , hope this helps,Terry.


Answered 31st Mar 2011

halogen lights emit a lot of heat and that heat needs to dissapate.your best options here are: change fitting for a fire rated fitting. these are much better at dissipating heat. these arent actually meant for this purpose but they work a treat as the lamp is enclosed and heat is dissipated below fitting. It is unlikey the transformer/driver is dying due to heat but you can extend the cable and move drivers away from fittings. get better quality transformers and ..... check the fittings bulb holders they could be arching and causing problems. also if you do opt for changing to 230 volt, the price will not be different as electricity is charged by current/amps not volts! 50 watt SELV is the same as 50 watt 230 volts in regards to electricity charges. Also if you change from SELV TO 230V, you do not need to have an RCD or RCBO as it is a like for like change!! not a new circuit which requires no notification ECT


Answered 1st Apr 2011

If The void in the ceiling is quite tight or if there is not much room for any air to circulate then what ever light fittings you fit either low voltage with a transformer or mains voltage with halogen lamps they will always be prone to blowing regularly, with the low voltage option costing more as its blowing the transformers as well. This is because of the amount of heat produced by the halogen lamps. If you want trouble free lighting i would advise getting rid of the halogen completely and fitting LED fittings, they will cost you more to replace than the halogen fittings but as they dont produce any where near the heat of a halogen lamp and have a far superior life span they should solve your problem. I hope this has been of help.
Daniel Marks
D.Marks Electrical Services


Answered 1st Apr 2011

Change the halogen light to 230V downlighters this will get rid of the problem with the transformers etc. Only thing is you will need to replace them with the cost of 230V but may end up cheaper as over a year you may spend alot more on transformer etc. 230V downlighters dont seem to blow as much as low voltage lights. Hope this helps a little.
Luke Davis
L.D. Works Ltd


Answered 31st Mar 2011

You best option is to replace with mains voltage and fire rated. The transformers are electronic devices they tend to go faulty and then expensive to replace some transformers work better or quicker than others this is why sometimes you may get some lights flicker or some turn on a few seconds before others. Regards israr


Answered 3rd Apr 2011

Best to replace the fittings with the mains GU10 fittings. These dont have the transformers so no overheating. You can now get low energy lamps for these as well so you could save some money on the power being used.

The new lights would need to be firerated, if no wiring is required you dont need to worry about an rcd as you are not changing the circuit just the light fittings.

They make led lights for the gu10 fittings as well these are exspensive to buy but they last for ever and they use such little power you wont even notice it on the bill.

The plus side to low energy and led lamps is they dont get hot either.

Hope this helps


Answered 16th Apr 2011

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