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Can you buy fire resistant skirting boards.

Hi guys.

After fitting a wood burning stove, I want to fit some skirting on the left and right sides of the fireplace opening on the outside on the chimney breast. (NOT IN THE RECESS ITSELF) The stove projects out from the opening a little. I know I don't need to have skirting, but I prefer the look of skirting. So was wondering if it's possible to buy some fire resistant skirting boards. I know I can get slate skirting boards, but just wondered if there are other cheaper alternatives that look like the wood but are fire resistant.


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you can treat the timber with fire retardant paint or use fire retardant MDF


Answered 18th Aug 2019

It doesn’t require fire resistant skirting board as the heat will always rise so a standard skirting board will be fine. If you’re worried about heat transfer there is fire resistant paint.


Answered 18th Aug 2019

Most skirting boards used these days are made out of MDF. Which is quite difficult to burn, but will eventually. Combined with fire resistant paint, it would be possible to use as long as it is not too close to an open flame.


Answered 18th Aug 2019

I don’t need to add anything. All answers are a viable and credible solution.


Answered 26th Aug 2019

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