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Floor boards in my hall are all uneven. can you help

Had a carpet down in the hall for five years. No problem. November had a wooden floor fitted all good. Then a few weeks ago arrived home and can hardly open the fro until door, the wood had a large bump. Removed the wooden floor and floor boards . It’s alle Nevenka. Can you help?

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The flooring is too tight to each sides of the walls needs to come up refitted properly thanks john


Answered 16th Aug 2019

Check the supporting beams underneath, the problem could be even there...


Answered 19th Aug 2019

All laminates and wooden floors need an expansion gap all the way around .


Answered 19th Aug 2019

The flooring has possibly not been fitted with the correct expansion gap around the perimeter edges. The flooring has swollen from taking on moisture leading it to expand and bubble In the middle.

I have experienced this before even after leaving the correct gaps at the perimeter. Sometimes some floorings just act up.


Answered 27th Aug 2019

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