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Victorian ceiling roses

I have an lovely house built in the 1860's it has many of it's original features including plaster ceiling roses and coving. It's all covered in 100 years worth of paint and the detail has been lost and you can see there are bits missing … such as on the coving you can see it had little flowers all around and there are gaps where they are missing. The same on the roses the odd flower is missing.

I love the old features of the house and the Victorian charm is what drew me to the house … the question is can the original features be saved? is it worth saving or is it simply better to replicate that charm by tearing down the old roses/coving and having new 'victorian' style coving put up in replacement.

It does seem a crime to tear down something that has been there a 160 years but I honestly don't even know where to start with it. We need the electric's doing so we need to make a decision on how to handle the old ceilings.

At the ceilings themselves are wallpapered and that was done in the 70's/80's but I also know wallpapering ceilings was very much the done thing in the 1800's so I don't even know if the wallpaper is the only thing holding up the ceiling.

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We would inspect the cornice to see if it’s moving as it would be dangerous if it has come away from laths, however if it is fixed and solid, we simply would peel away the paint to recover the flowers, or can take a mould of anything missing to reproduce the certain part. Hope this helps


Answered 15th Aug 2019

You can repair the old coving and roses but you need to know that would cost a lot. It takes a lot of time to recover something like that
Depending on the budget I would replace everything with new ones,I’m sure you can find something that’s similar but stronger
The fact that you’ll need to do the electrics will also force you I think to replace everything
I always say that if I want to do something do it once and do it properly so it’ll last for 30-40 years


Answered 15th Aug 2019

You can have it repaired depending on how damaged it is. My advice is to have them replaced from a specialist company but be prepared for the possibility that the ceiling may need overboarding and skimming, due to the old lathen plaster which may have dropped and will become unstable.
Regards Adrian


Answered 15th Aug 2019

Usually (hopefully) decoarative plaster mouldings are painted with water based paints, and there are gels available to remove most of the layers. But this is fairly labour intensive work.
If the ceilings are not showing signs of having dropped from the laths in places and there are no visible cracks in the ceiling paper, then this can be strpped and re-papered. But again....labour.
Or remove the lot and replace. Can be done.


Answered 15th Aug 2019

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