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Our current house has a loft ladder, leading to a boarded up loft, with wooden flooring, plastered/painted walls and eaves cupboards (no windows). It's effectively a fully usable loft room but without windows and we use this as an office and store room.

We'll shortly be moving house and would like to have the same at our new place - not a full on loft conversion but a loft ladder installed and flooring laid with strengthening as required, lights put in etc so that we can put in shelving and use it for easy storage and walk around without fear of falling through the floor boards.

Am I right in thinking that we wouldn't need any planning permission to do this as we're not using it as a room (we wouldn't use it as an office in this property - just for storage)?

Who's best to contact about potentially strengthening the floor and getting boards down, putting lights in and installing the ladder. I can lay the flooring down, do the wall etc once this has been done. Will a loft conversion company do this type of thing?

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As long as the room is being used for stoarge only then panning is not required.
To strengthen beams and lay boards a builder in the area should be abe to it.


Answered 7th Mar 2012

you will not need planning , but please think of what you will be storing in your new loft you will get a quote from my builder just place your job and builder \ loft conversion trades people will be able to help and give you addvice normaly free


Answered 15th Mar 2012

Yes you dont need planning but when placing weight apon your loft floor it will place weight on you ceilings below in turn will start cracking ceilings and bending ceiling joists which is not good. a good builder or loft converter should be able to tell you if there is another way of strentening your exsisting joists to cope with the added weight your going to place apon it
Hope this helps


Answered 19th Apr 2012

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