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Large gap in front of window frame

Recently the Window trim in the upstairs bedroom which runs horizontally along in front of the window frame has started to become unstuck and hang down slightly. On closer inspection, I can see this was actually covering quite a sizable gap (70mm) in front of the window frame running along the complete length of the window at the top.

Looking up into the gap, there is no lintel or brickwork running along the top of the window frame, so the top of the frame isn't actually secured in anyway, with the roof eaves visible along with the felting/roof tiles that are there above that. The backend of the external uPVC Soffits then look to be just resting on top of the window frame.

So I was just after peoples thoughts on this and what would be the best way of addressing it? As that seems quite a sizable gap to me and far from ideal from a noise & insulation perspective. Im assuming even filling the gap would be difficult due to the size of it and there not being much there for it to attach/fix to.

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Is there not a timber wall plate running across the top of the window if so it could be fixed into that


Answered 11th Aug 2019

The window needs adjusting or if that fails you would need to have it foamed, sealed and trim added to block and insulate.
The other option would be to take the full window out, have a lintl installed, refit the window and do as i mentioned above.
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Answered 12th Aug 2019

The wooden wall plate would be running on the inside of the building so unable to fix to it unless some soffit is removed you will need to drop some timbers down off the roof trusses to secure to but will still need to remove some soffit


Answered 14th Aug 2019

Fix a timber to the plate then the frame to the timber pack insulation around it in the space about the re fix trim


Answered 29th Aug 2019

I would remove the glass and i would put a piece of 3x2 above the window and fix through the window into the timber then i would pin the pvc strip with some polly tops and reseal the plastic


Answered 29th Aug 2019

To comply with building and fenestration regulations, a lintel needs to be present above the head of the window, with 100mm load bearing either side of the aperture. Seems as if the window has initially been poorly fitted. However, without seeing why there is a 70mm gap(as you describe), it's difficult to understand why. A lot of the old window profile was initially 60mm, however, profiles are generally now 70mm thick. Regarding the trim which has become detached, this was once common practice amoungst many window installers back in the day to fit them around the interior, simply to hide gaps and damaged plaster work. The answer to this, and to create a more professional finish, is to plaster the reveals up to the edge of the window frame itself, apply decorators caulk to seal, then emulsion.
Hope this helps!


Answered 10th Sep 2019

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