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Which type of trader do i need for removing kitchen counters and re-fitting?

As above - I need to get to the corner of my kitchen to access some piping and to do that need to remove kitchen counters. The counter tops are solid wood and so I'm concerned about them being damaged. Would this be a job for a "standard' builder, or a carpenter specialist/builder specialising in kitchen fittings...or something else? Thanks!

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Hi there the best person in my opinion would be a carpenter or kitchen fitter as they would be carry this kind of work out more often than your general builder would be there for may have more little tricks to pull the job off quickly and seamlessly. thanks


Answered 9th Aug 2019

A kitchen fitter/joiner/carpenter


Answered 9th Aug 2019

Yes you would need an experienced kitchen fitter/joiner that has knows and has experience of removing and installing worktops


Answered 10th Aug 2019

Yes you need a kitchen fitter/joiner or carpenter or even cabinet maker.
If your worktop is glued it’s more than likely that then you try to open both joint apart it will brake or chip the wood around the joint and then it’s almost impossible to put worktop back together as it was. If it’s not glued you can try to open up the joint by removing screws from underneath they holding worktop, and see if your worktop is glued at the joint, if it’s not going apart and you removed all screws that means it’s glued and it’s better to leave it, if you still want to chance it it’s %95 chance that it will break and then you will need to buy new worktop and pay for fitting.


Answered 25th Aug 2019

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