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Our worchester combi boiler has been playing up - pressure keeps going above 3 bar


Thank you Paul I think you may have fixed my boiler :)

I told the hubby what you said and he headed off to the garage to look at the valve and found it was slightly open. Closed it off, bled the water off back to 1.25, turned heating on and two hours later it's still at 1.5 :) I've even ran an entire bath without having to make several trips to the garage to hit the reset button.

We'll keep an eye on it in case the valve is faulty and is opening under the pressure but think it's quite likely that either me, him or the plumber didn't close it properly as we've been messing with it on a daily basis.

Certainly looks like I won't have to part with the £3500 he quoted us for a new boiler just yet!

Thank you!

We bought the house in October 2011. Survey recommended the boiler was serviced which was done by EON prior to purchase so in September I think. As soon as we moved in it kept cutting out. Local plumber advised us that pressure was too low (it was just above zero) and thought it was because the radiators needed bleeding as the system hadn't been used much over the summer. He told us to keep bleeding the radiators until they were getting properly hot and showed us how to top up the pressure to 1.5 bar which we were having to do everyday. Eventually all radiators seemed ok and all was fine until about three weeks ago when it started cutting out again as soon as we turned hot water taps on. We checked the pressure and it was over 3 bar and water was coming out of the overflow pipe outside. Plumber came back and bled water out and pressure dropped back to 1.5 bar. As soon as we turned the heating on it shot back up to over 3 again. We called him back and he says we need a new boiler :( Seems a bit odd as we have the service report from EON saying all ok and although parts can go at anytime it seems a bit drastic that the boiler is completely defunct?

Any ideas much appreciated!

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Hi, sound like the isolating valve that you will have opened to increase pressure
is letting water through and causing the bar pressure to rise, the plummer let some excess water escape by bleading but when the boiler fires up and the heat rises the pressure usually rises too, maybe you need to change the valve,
before changing the boiler, its a simple job.
Hope this is of help to you.

My pleasure, sometime's it is just a simple problem, keep
your eye on the pressure for a while, should ideally remain
around the 1 bar level, unless you have a large house then
maybe 1.5 bar.
Thank you for letting me know, happy to help.
Kind regards

Answered 6th Mar 2012

Paul Callaghan Builder

Member since 27 Feb 2012

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