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Fencing in front of stream

I have a stream at the back of the garden. I want to put a fence up to make the garden safe for my children but still be able to see the countryside views beyond the garden. What type of fencing do you suggest?

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I would suggest post and rail with concrete posts with either wire infill or Pickett style fence


Answered 4th Aug 2019

I would put a picket fence up with the round top and the panels are already made use good 4x4 posts concreted in then you get a good solid strong fence for safety but can still look out into the country


Answered 4th Aug 2019

I would suggest a chain link especially in black as it would be easy to see through


Answered 4th Aug 2019

I would use a 6x6 trellis fence so still can look through it and kids are unable to get through were still able to put some nice hanging baskets on it


Answered 5th Aug 2019

I like your idea but have you considered privacy panels


Answered 6th Aug 2019

Use 4x4 concrete posts with criss cross ranch style fencing with child proof green plastic coated wire inch x inch to prevent putting arms through


Answered 31st Aug 2019

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