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Is it ok to fit 20mm engineer wood on top of less tick 18mm plywood?

Should the subfloor be at least as thick as the flooring that will be installed or is it just fine to fit 20mm on top of 18mm plywood?

A floor specialist said that subfloor should always be ticker than what you install on top

This question is intended for plywood screwed down on top of joists on 1st floor and NOT on sand and cement screed on ground floor

Joists are 60mmx200x3.8m at 35cm distance between each other

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Theres no need for 18mm plywood its to think in my opinion, especially if you are fitting a thick flooring it only mean having to cut the bottoms of your doors


Answered 28th Jul 2019

You will be fine to lay 20 mill flooring on 18 mill ply as long as the ply is screwed down around every 300mil apart you will not have a problem if the ply is going direct onto screed then glu it as well


Answered 28th Jul 2019

Is it glued down or click together?
If it’s click together it’s a floating floor! Your all good 👍🏼
If it’s glued down and gets wet it will probably lift everything up being as the top layers bigger and stronger


Answered 29th Jul 2019

It is good to install 18mm play like a subfloor, you have strong subfloor.


Answered 31st Jul 2019

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