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An optional fitted sliding wardrobe fitted by the home builders needs removing.

Hi all,

We're looking to get a fitted-in sliding wardrobes & wall removed from our home and aren't really sure if a joiner would be the right tradesman for the job. We had this included when the house was being built, but kind of underestimated how much space they would be taking from the room, we're now looking to remove them entirely.

We had a chat with the property builders some time ago and they mentioned it is possible to remove it as it was fitted in optionally, so this shouldn't be a huge concern. Though we will have to think about things such as the carpet and the new light switch location

Our goal is to have to remove turn into a rectangle again rather than the odd shape it is now because of the wardrobe and the attached wall.

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This will merely be a stud wall built prior to plastering. It can be removed but be prepared for some damage post removal. Carpets, light switch can be moved Easily , re plastering walls & ceiling. All this is easy enough.


Answered 21st Jul 2019

Yes the sliding wardrobe and wall can be removed but you need to consider the following:
The walls and ceiling where stud wall will more than likely need to be patched in and plastered.
Where the stud wall and wardrobe is removed there will be gaps in the carpet so you will have to renew your carpets.
The light switch can be moved but depending on the wall structure of new light switch placement the wall may need chasing out and making good for the cable or if you are lucky and it's a stud wall then a qualified electrician should be able to run a cable down the inside of the wall from the left.
The skirting boards would need new pieces put in possibly where the stud wall is removed.
While the wardrobe and stud wall can be removed you need to consider the additional costs in making good, plastering, electrical work and carpeting which may work out expensive.


Answered 26th Jul 2019

yes this can easily be removed with mininal damage. maybe a touch up on plaster work/paint and flooring would probably need to be added in that area.


Answered 23rd Jul 2019

The answer could be right ,this is one of those ocassions were you would need to go and inspect the job needing done and then make an opinion, depends on the build of the house and if any electrics/water pipes near by


Answered 7th Aug 2019

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