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Noisy (sounds like a kazoo) windows in bedroom

Windows in the bedroom make weird sounds when it is windy outside, never experienced anything like that before. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

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How new are the windows and are they upvc, its usually down to sealant, when fitted the sealant is run around the outside edge and over time with movement and weather this can shrink back exposing gaps, this is where the wind gets caught, they just need re-sealing, Ive heard some windows playing tunes.


Answered 19th Jul 2019

Hi. Check and see if the drainage holes are in line with each other .If so this will also cause wind noise .


Answered 22nd Jul 2019

Normally an upstairs window, the sealant between the soffit and the window peels and sounds like a motor bike.
Cut the sealant back and reseal with good quality silicon
Hope that helps


Answered 19th Jul 2019

It sounds like when the sashes have been open and it’s been windy the hindges move and bend a little,so when it’s closed it leaves a gap in places we’re the draught/ wind gets in and plays a whistle effect,and if the Windows are not fitted properly ie silicone missing this can also cause the problem.
Hope this helps


Answered 31st Jul 2019

It could also be the trickle vent, with the wind blowing over the reeds on the outside? Or is there a gap between opening sash and frame? Could be the hinges on?
If the trickle vent? You could get an acoustic want fitted


Answered 1st Aug 2019

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