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I am looking at adding some floating shelves to two alcoves in my living room either side of the chimney breast. I would like four shelves on each side but at not sure how deep they should be.
The chimney breast protrudes by six inches which would be my preferred depth, but friends have told me that would be too narrow for a useful shelf.

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The first thing to ask yourself is ‘What do I want to put on the shelf’ Then measure the objects/ books to see if they are deeper than 190mm..
There is Also the option of bringing the shelves out past the chimney breast by around 30-40mm maximum to gain extra depth.


Answered 18th Jul 2019

Hi. Make it roughly 9 inches. Is useful and is not too big at all. I did floating shelves 9 inches and long from 55 to 235 inches long. So was really long shelves. Thank you


Answered 19th Jul 2019

Hi how’s you
Firstly 6 inches is 150mm if you kept out flush ,which to be fair wouldn’t make much of a shelf if you keep flush with
The fire breast ,

But you could make the floating shelves like a corner shelf which would come out 150mm at the chimney breast and and 300mm on the wall at the other side with the front edge cut in a round or whatever shape you please this would give you a much better shelf and still keep it flush looking with the fire breast ,
Or cut your shelves the full length of the wall at 300 deep and check out round the fire breast this would give you 150mm along the fire breast and 300mm deep at the sides and still stay straight , you could also box out the front of the fire breast by 150mm then but your shelves at each side ( how this would be done would depend on what type of fire you have but )
Apex building


Answered 23rd Jul 2019

I wouldn’t have shelves out past the chimney breast too much of a hazard. If your set on having shelves there have them custom made to fit and use as per their size for decoration etc


Answered 26th Jul 2019

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