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Can i trim a door down with my jigsaw

I'm looking to trim off about 5mm from either sides as well as top and bottom of my 6panel internal bedroom door and I'm wondering if a jigsaw would be okay. If so, would you recommend a hardwood or softwood cutting jigsaw blade. I know a circular saw would be best but I don't have one.

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Hardwood jig saw blade and yes but go very slow


Answered 15th Jul 2019

If that’s all you got to hand then yes but slow and steady I’ll say I think a general purpose hand saw might be better to be honest depends how confident you are that you can cut square and straight though maybe you wanna invest in a hand plan if you only want 5mm off each end I think your struggle to cut 5mm off with a jig saw let alone a Circular saw. Hand plans aren’t too expensive to buy we’re talking less then £20 considerably less then if you ruin your door with the jig saw and it’s near impossible to go wrong with the hand plan as long as you set it up right if you watch a few YouTube videos or whatever I’m sure you can work it out.

Good luck

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Answered 15th Jul 2019

Nope nope nope.. use a sharp panel saw and then sandpaper afterwards


Answered 15th Jul 2019

If you want to do it properly then you would be best to use a wood plaine this way you will get a much more even cut downy the whole door and should leave a professional finish , you can go up to about 6mm on the blade but I wouldn’t advise going over 2 mm as it can be a bit bitey , hope this helped 👍


Answered 15th Jul 2019

Use a hand plane as others have said, 5/6mm will be a nightmare to cut with a jigsaw, circular saw. If you have an eagles eye and a steady hand you might get away with a sharp, good quality hand saw.
Hope this helps.
David 🙂


Answered 16th Jul 2019

No, never try this, as the blade will follow the grain of the wood. Try a plunge saw with a rail / track, which you could probably hire from a tool hire shop. Hope this helps, Chris.


Answered 30th Oct 2019

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