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Plumbing hole (toilet etc) in brickwork needs large flexible sealant?

We have some drains coming out of the bathroom through a brick wall. We have had these holes filled in between the plastic pipes and brickwork (to seal the hole). However it seems to just come loose or crumble away after a while? How we have a gap again between the pipe and brickwork?! Letting cold and air into the property. Does anyone know why? And what should be used to seal this properly?


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a competent builder i should think ,if it was brickwork before then re-use the bricks cutting and pointing them round ,what in the world you were using b4 i can only imagine but must have been crap if it keeps falling out ,toilet roll maybe lol diyers tut tut tut


Answered 3rd Mar 2012

With pipes coming out externally the brickwork should be shaped to suit and filled around pipes with cement and left with a smooth finish.


Answered 10th Feb 2017

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