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Minor sewer manhole inspection cover

I am planning on building an extension but have a access manhole cover smack right in the build. I have tried to contact Thames Water to ask if they can move it but they haven't come back to me (after 2 weeks!). A builder who has bidded for the job says they can move it 3m out of the build for £1k, another said it was better to double seal it as it would be cheaper. I would like it moved as a sewer pipe manhole doesn't seem good in a kitchen. What do you think ? Any advice would be greatly received.


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1st of all thames water will not move it but it will need to be properly tested air/water when it has been moved,you dont say if its communal or just your line,in any case 1k souns a bit on the cheap side to move it out that far ,depends on invert levels but as i see it to move it from the middle of the build to outside the build will require forming at least 2 more inspection chambers as there must be a chamber as the run changes angles for rodding purposes ,you cant just put 90 bends in anywhere,so materials and dig alone could well take you over 1k easily ,especially if thames ask for brick or concrete chambers,where in london are you if west london give us a call ,post the job on the webpage look up substructure and invite to quote that way you will get our number


Answered 29th Feb 2012

I agree with substucture its not just a question of digging a trench putting in some new pipe work and hope it works you will need 2 chambers and caclulate the falls you would be looking more on the lines of £2500 £3500 which will have to be passed by thames water and your nabours if you are conected to them a double sealed cover will save you loads of time and money you can get them that take tiles or wood flooring your builder sould beable to make it look as it was not there for all of around £250 its saving you a lot


Answered 4th Mar 2012

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