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Oak door question

Hi. I have had oak doors installed and the joiner had used two ball bearing hinges rather than the 3 people door that I brought.
Will the doors be ok?

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Is it a internal door? If so it fine as long as it isn't a bathroom or utility room door. If it is there should be 3 hinges fitted . It will be a oak venered door and isn't heavy . If it is a 44mm think front door that will need 3 hinges and depending on the weight of the door the hinges should be fitted accordingly.


Answered 23rd Jun 2019

All solid timber doors need 3 hinges, you only use 2 if it's a cheap hollow core door but you do stand the chance of the hanging side timber bowing


Answered 7th Jul 2019

Hello, recomend 3 number 3in hinges/door.


Answered 24th Jun 2019

The doors are heavy, depending on the quality of the hinges, they should be 100mm ball barring hinges, hinges are not just for the weight of the door a third hinge helps keep the door stable, and if its providing a half hr fire rating it must have a third ( in Scotland) the answer is, just put a third in, the cost is minimal....John


Answered 25th Jun 2019

I would always install 3 x 3 inch hinge on oak or oak veneer door's.


Answered 25th Jun 2019

It is only necessary to use the the 3rd hinge if it's a door to a room with moisture, for example a bathroom or utility room (where you keep your washer/dryer or boiler) any normal internal door is fine with 2 hinges. Any external or front door should have 3 hinges used.


Answered 10th Jul 2019

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