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Sliding living room doors diy

Hi everyone, I am planning to install sliding doors for our living room as, currently there is no door between the living room and the kitchen part of the house (open plan). I had a first look at B&Q and decided to go with a metal sliding door track system and an oak veneer doors. What is the best way of fixing the doors to the track system? Is it advisable to use a drill and rawlplugs just to have it very secure?

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Depending on the make up of the walls and floors the track is fitting in then I would fix the tracks with plugs if you can, bare in mind the tracks need to be in level and the doors plumb, it’s unlikely the walls will be plumb so you may need to do a architrave type detail to loose any gap you might have. Fixing the doors to the rollers you will just need Some good screws, pilot drill first so you don’t split the door.


Answered 21st Jun 2019

If I am understanding the question correctly, the door track system should come with the top mounted rollers and more than likely an installation guide and fixings. Be sure to drill pilot holes for the fixings, usually a hole that is smaller in diameter than the screw to be used.
There should also be a floor track that will need to be fitted, note though, even if the top track is fitted perfectly level, the floor may not be very level so before fitting the top track, check your floor for level then take your measurements from the highest point otherwise your doors may not operate as they should.
Going back to the original question. No you don’t use rawl plugs to fix into the doors.
Use rawl plugs to fix into masonary, brick and blocks.
Fixing into plasterboard, as in drywall or stud work wall is a completely different set of rules altogether.


Answered 22nd Jun 2019

Plugs wouldn’t hold the weight load of a veneer oak sliding door in time it would pull them out. Personally I would take off the top architrave and put a piece of wood the same thickness of the existing architrave this way you can find a strong fixing for a timber wall or block wall. you can then fix the track to this with screws. Depending on what type of track system you have with putting the wood on first before the track you will have a better way to fix the boxing around the track afterwards.


Answered 1st Jul 2019

Depends on the opening I would survey the opening maybe a sublining if possible and make sure the head of the frame was level and the jambs are plumb maybe bi fold doors could be the answer till you see it hard to say


Answered 3rd Jul 2019

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