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Why are my copper pipes in the bathroom making banging and vibration noises?

I live on the ground floor in a block of apartments. In the last few weeks, I am the only resident that is hearing some loud banging and vibration noises in the bathroom pipes. I have no central heating and my boiler seems to be working fine. The noise does not happen when I am using water so my guess is that its being caused by a flat upstairs. I am having trouble establishing where this problem could be coming from as there are 6 flats above me. Could this be coming from a toilet or a shower or both? Sometimes the noise is very intermittent but sometimes it can last for a good 15 minutes or so especially in the early morning. Could it be coming from more than one flat? How do I attempt to resolve this problem? Any advice would be very much greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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There are a couple of reasons for noisy pipes, commonly know as water hammer. The 1st pipes not being clipped correctly, The 2nd being a worn washer on the float valve in the potable water tank in the loft (The big tank that supplies the bathroom and water heating) assuming that you have cold water down services supplying all the flats. The 3rd could be the tank flexing causing the float valve to bounce making the banging noise, or if your cold water is direct from the mains there could be a valve on the pipe work that has ceased or been left half open (some plumber do this to reduce water pressure rather than fit a pressure reducing valve at 45.00 each)

Answered 13th Jan 2014

HSR Plumbing & Property Solutions

Member since 9 Dec 2013

the noises are caused by the pipes expanding and contracting over the joists when the pipes get hot/cold. The only way to stop this is to rip up the floor boards of the flat above and you can get a special pipe wrap to eliminate this (forget the name sorry). Wrap the pipe where it passes over each joist voila noise gone.

Answered 27th Feb 2012

Park Plumbing & Tiling

Member since 16 Nov 2010

Hi banging pipes are caused by running water hitting bends and vibrating , normally because they arent clipped down properly
this explains the early morning noise

Answered 27th Feb 2012

Murrays Building Services

Member since 31 Jan 2012

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