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Bark for play area

I want to get some bark to go under the swings in our garden - do I need special bark and is there anything else I should consider?

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There are varying grades of bark, from those which contain all parts of trees, which is considered arb waste, through to high quality bark which is sourced from the outer layers of the tree, which is preferable. Bear in mind, whichever grade you choose will degrade over time and will require replacing.
Rubber chippings are a great alternative to bark and are available in a wide range of colours, and shouldn't need to be replaced. You can also hose them off if they become dirty. The main drawback with rubber chippings is that they cost considerably more to buy.
Whichever you decide to choose, I'd advise you lay a good quality weed suppression membrane first, as this will not only keep the weeds at bay, but also help stop mud. Hope this helps.


Answered 12th Jun 2019

The best bark is called play bark for children areas. As the play bark is more softer then normal bark.


Answered 12th Jun 2019

Theres various types of bark you can buy but playground bark is the type needed for play areas.


Answered 12th Jun 2019

Bark varies in cost and quality as others before me have said. Play bark is a good option or the rubber ‘bark’ as suggested by Sticks and Stones. Always use a high grade weed suppression membrane like Terram 1000 as this will be far better than some of the others although slightly more expensive.

Good luck with your project!


Answered 14th Jun 2019

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