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I am considering taking the old overlapping grey concrete slabs off the outside of an ex-council house. what will i need to replace them with?

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Hi, This is a very specialist job, the panels could be load bearing, so don't
just remove them, however you can have a skin of brick built around the
outside, insulating as you go.
Any firm carrying out this kind of work would give you the brick or render finish
decision and take it from there.
Kind regards


Answered 27th Feb 2012

hi i have just done a airy house taking concrete panels off you have to block between the existing concrete posts then forming a insulated cavity with a brick outer skin normally you have to get athird party to inspect the work at diffrent stages and will give you a certificate at the end and will be mortgagable


Answered 28th Feb 2012

Hi , there are a few options for your roof issueive just completed converting one of these , you need to be careful , these are very heavy and are mostly not stone but coloured concrete. when these are removed you should build up the brick courses till they are level fix timber bearers and cover with ply . this then can have a fascia arround and be covered with eather a fibre glass finish (last over 20 yrs ) or a simple felt roof ( 10 years ish ) hope this helps


Answered 28th Feb 2012

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