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Our new house has a back-boiler which i know little about. it is quite old but working fine. should we rip it out and fit a combi boiler or leave alone?

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If the boiler is working well and you are happy with the fire then dont bother changing it , they are more reliable and easier and cheaper to fix and the flow rate of the hot taps is almost double that of a combi


Answered 28th Feb 2012

Hi, Combi boiler's are great for up to a two bed house, in my opinion, as they
can't really cope with the demand of larger proprties, there are some very
efficient conventional boiler's out there that would be better suited to a larger
As for your back boiler, they are a very good idea, using the the heat of the
fire, which is normally wasted, but come the summer it then becomes a problem, most people would switch to there emersion heater, but two third's
of the year this work's out expensive.
All thing's considered, it's your call, any good plumber would advise you as
to the best option to suit your property.
Kind regards


Answered 27th Feb 2012

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