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Can i swap a washing machine with a dishwasher?


I have a washing machine in the kitchen, I would like to remove it and replace it with a dishwasher. Will I need to do anything plumbing wise or will I just be able to connect the dishwasher to the washing machine feed and waste?

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Yes assuming that the appliances are of traditional type you should find this a simple switch, however be sure to check the required water feed for the dishwasher when reinstalling, most likely a cold feed only ! if there was a hot feed to the previous washing machine appliance then simply terminate this at the service valve


Answered 11th Jun 2019

No the cold water feed and waste will bethe same as the washing machine


Answered 10th Jun 2019

Yes you can


Answered 10th Jun 2019

Yes assuming it’s the same feed to the appliance if not I’d fit a check valve to stop contamination to the water


Answered 13th Jun 2019

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