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Can you cap a chimney which is shared with neighbour?

If a house shares a chimney stack with a neighbour, can one house properly cap their chimneys without affecting the neighbour's side (I want it capped at the very top to stop anything coming down)?

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Yes. even though the stack may be shared with your neighbour all the flue ways within the stack are independent of each other.

However I would use a cap that allows the stack to ventilate and install an air vent in each off the fire places served by the capped flues to prevent condensation and damp building up.


Answered 8th Jul 2019

I use a c cap that lets chimney vent slightly at terminal


Answered 28th Jun 2019

Although capping works i would recommend cages/ rain guards that way if flues are ever to be re used then the option is there without having to go on roof to remove caps


Answered 24th Jun 2019

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