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Moving duel fuel range to conservatory with new plastered roof above

we had a new kitchen installed by wicks fitters, where I wanted the new range cooker encroached into the conservatory, the old outside windows and doors from the original outside wall had already been taken out when the conservatory was fitted in 2002, the fitter advised us to not put the range under a polycarbonate roof, so we also had a new lightweight insulated and plastered roof fitted because of this reason, the Council inspected the roof while it was being fitted, and signed it off after, ( with the kitchen in situ including the range,) we are in the process of selling our house and the buyers solicitor is not happy where the range is situated and has told our buyers not to sign their contract, what can we do? we have building regulations passed for the roof, and in 2002 the conservatory came under the permitted regulations we have a letter from the council signed telling us this, there is a door between the hall and the old kitchen which is open into the conservatory, the new gas and electricity was changed by qualified people we sent all the certificates to the solicitor please give us advice on how to solve this situation, thank you

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Speak to your solicitor again with the supporting documentation, He/she will then be able to advise your buyers Solicitor on a professional level advising the legal position


Answered 7th Jun 2019

Having been signed off by the building regs, there shouldn't be an issue


Answered 11th Jun 2019

Brits built is the correct way to go. This could drag on as it sounds to me it’s up to the solicitors to get there act together. May be good to get a engineer in to confirm there is no issue. Sounds like there solicitor does not want to put his name to it. I would ask there solicitor where he is getting his information from and go direct to them.


Answered 17th Jun 2019

If the ceiling is to spec which being signed off it is, there is absolutely no reason had you wished to have put your whole kitchen in there. It has gas cert on the cooker so no issue there. The only issue that arises is that the ceiling is high enough for an extractor if fitted.

It sounds like they are getting ready to bargain with the price ! As previously stated by others ask your solicitor what mitigating circumstances are there for the fitting of the range partly in the conservatory


Answered 27th Jun 2019

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