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New roof /replace old roof for new on my bungalow

hi do i need to contact the local council that i am replacing my roof and will i need a certificate if i was to sell in the future ?

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Its done on a builders notice usually by the company you employ, to carryout the work.
Since oct 2010 it has been compulsory to upgrade your insulation to current regs, changing last year to include checking your woodwork and putting your roof back together properly.
Good luck Alex


Answered 30th May 2019

It's all ways best to let the council no what you are planning
Just to be shore

As long as you are putting the new roof back like for like then that's fine IE no changes
What you take of you put back in new

As long as you have a receipt and guarantee all should be fine

All timbers should be checked and passed before you put the new roof back on

Insulation should be upgraded to 250mm think from the old one that's 100mm

Brad roofer 25 years experience


Answered 5th Jun 2019

You don't need to notify the council unless you are changing the roofing materials for example changing a slate roof to a tiled roof as for insulation it's a matter of choice for the customer with regards to a certificate or guarantee you will have to check with the company you employ to do the work


Answered 5th Jun 2019

We would always advise contacting building control, they can advise you on insulation and you will get the work signed off. When you come to sell the property all the boxes will have been ticked.


Answered 6th Jun 2019

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