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Roof failing 16 years later

I had a new house built in 2003 and I noticed the last couple of years tiles falling off and tiles ‘blowing’ - so I just had the odd one replaced. So today I had a company in to inspect the roof only to find out that the whole roof needs replacing as the original roofers put no ventilation in. I found the original paperwork and this was meant to be installed but wasn’t.
Please could any one advise on lifespan of roofs and is there any recourse due to the number of years passed???

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A properly made roof should last indefinitely as long as it is maintained - gullies, eaves, guttering and the ridge. Slates and tiles will need replacing eventually but they should last at least 30 yrs depending on the quality. No ventilation will kill a roof quickly. As to recourse, if the house was built under NHBC or Zenith or the like, you have an avenue to go down. If the house was built outside this system and the plans clearly show details of roof ventilation you will have to go after the builder directly - which may be difficult as he/she will say that the build was passed by building control. Was it?


Answered 4th Jun 2019

A good roof installed using Breathable membrane felt and a natural slate or
tile will last 50 years if using the right materials, dry ridge system, lead valleys
Also using the correct fixings
if there is no ventilation in the roof space This can corrected
Supply and fit slates vents or tile vents, Depending on roof covering the felt would have to be cut where vents are to be installed
to allow for air flow
Vents to be use would depend on the size of the roof


Answered 11th Jun 2019

We have regulations for a reason when it comes to ventilation.It's imperative that these measures are put in place to maximize the life of the roof.There are many products available to ensure these measures and are easily installed from the facia to the ridge.


Answered 13th Jun 2019

When the roof was put on the felt was either sarkin felt or monoflex which both sweat so ventilation should of been supplied, if natural slates they will last a life time but most tiles become pourus after 30 years . And all underlay is now breathable. Kind regards ady roofer


Answered 14th Jun 2019

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