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Timber frame for gravel patio

Hello, I am about to make a gravel patio for the garden, with a treated wood frame - dimensions roughly 40mm wide x 50mm height

My plan is to dig the trench, build the frame using wood screws (approx 9x4m) and then move it into the space, as i think building it inside the trench would be too difficult.

I'm wondering if I need to attach stakes to the frame, or whether it will naturally hold in position due to its size, weight and contents and also whether or not it would be best to build the frame in situ edge-by-edge.

i also need to potentially join two pieces of wood side-by-side so also wonder what the best method would be? I'm thinking a simple metal brace?

I'm a total novice and may be going totally out of my comfort zone so any advice would be appreciated!

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Firstly treated wood floor is fine for a short term hold for stones in a pebbled area. Sitting on he ground through a few wet winters might test its integrity. That said it is a cheap option and effective.

Secondly yes you definitely need to peg it down to stop it moving. Wickes sell them for £2 each and I recommend you use a decent amount.

The joins do not need to be extravagant, just a simple end to end butt with 2-3 screws will hold it. Get spax or riesser cutter screws so you don’t need to pre drill and should not split the wood if you are careful.

I’ve just literally completed one of these with 1 1/2 tonne of stones and it looks great. Wheel barrowing the stones is the hard part. Enjoy



Answered 21st May 2019

I would not use timber frame. Hardwood sleepers or better again concrete kerbing. Concrete kerbing will last. Hardwood sleepers will last. Timber frame even pressure treated will struggle.


Answered 7th Jun 2019

Treated timber is a short term solution, would suggest concrete kerb stones or get paving slabs and cut them into strips.....if you can then haunch/support them at the back with concrete...this will outlast timber


Answered 17th Jun 2019

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