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Bricklaying & Repointing

Repointing 1890s stone farm house

Anonymous user 19 May 2019 - 8.58 PM

We were told by the surveyor before we brought the house that some of the original black ash was showing through parts of the house (likely down to the house being sandblasted in the past) and would need repointing, on further investigation some of the house has been repointed using cement including the orangey extension built more recently. We’ve had numerous tradesmen round to give quotes but we’ve had conflicting solutions. Should we have all the cement (strap pointing)? scraped out and repoint the entire house using lime mortar or just carry on with the cement which most of the tradesmen suggested. Obviously I want to make the right choice even if it turns out to be the most expensive but just don’t know which one is right. Also some suggested using sealant and others have said not to? So lost!! Many thanks

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ADR Property Maintenance
Rating: 5 out of 55585 reviews

for the age and type of the building its lime mortar,it will allow the building to breathe & prevent dampness, there is no cement or additives in lime mortar , cement will seal the building be to strong for the brickwork and create dampness. good luck Alex


19 May 2019



Anonymous user

This is simple, the obvious age of the dwelling suggests that a lime mortar must be used to adhere to it's age and character. Lime mortar will most definitely be suitable as it's breathable , standard sand & cement used to point this period property will cause damp issues.


4 June 2019


Rosty brickwork ltd

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please do not use cement mortar,lime mortar is the only way to go and get all of the old mortar out of the joints before any other work is started, also ckeck the base for damp issues at floor level as there are treatments for rising damp in these type of buildings


8 June 2019


Pete Nash
Rating: 5 out of 5556 reviews

As above repoint with lime , as original , remove the damaged mortar, by 15 mm brush all loose & dust out , Dampen prior to repointing .


10 June 2019